Highly-Valued Professional Services for Seniors

Concierge Services

At Personal Senior Advocates, we are dedicated to assist you in whatever situation you may be dealing with.  When necessary we are able to work with you to identify vetted professionals to assist you. 

Concierge professionals come to your home to provide their services.  Following a health crisis it may be difficult to leave your home for services you need.  These providers offer a solution.  Below is a list of professional services and providers who have been helpful to our clients.

Dr, Matthew Abinante

Doctor of Osteopathy

Board Certified Family Physician


Physician Concierge

Elevated Health

Take a step up to more personalized care

Dr. Abinante, in keeping with his stated mission as a Concierge Physician to promote strong patient/provider relationships, compliments your existing healthcare coverage.  While your regular insurance will continue to cover services outside of your Elevated Health Membership, Dr. Abinante supplements your coverage with comprehensive primary healthcare for a flat monthly membership fee that includes unlimited relaxed office visits without the wait, 24/7/365 availability, wholesale labs and medications for most common prescriptions that can be filled right in the office.  When needed, in-home visits are available for a flat fee for non-members.  As personalized healthcare declines people are turning to concierge medical providers to find the traditional doctor/patient care and relationship we all remember.

Wendy Meyer-Eberhart

Hearing Aid Specialist

Board Certified – Hearing Instruments & Sciences




Personal Hearing Aid Solutions at Home

Hear what you have been missing • Rejoin the Conversation

Wendy comes right to your home for private and personal hearing services including evaluation testing fitting and all adjustments.

Her 25 years experience in the field of Audiology, plus partnership with ReSound® one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing devices, assures the latest virtually invisible and sonically superior hearing instruments.

Ruth Chandler

Dental Hygiene Specialist

Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternate Practice



Dental Hygienist Concierge

Red Riding Dental Hygienist

Providing dental hygiene in a safe, comfortable environment- Yours!

Our practice is focused on providing dental hygiene services to the homebound, those in memory care, residential and nursing facilities, and in one way or another are unable to make it to the traditional dental office setting. Now is the time to focus on the overwhelming trends of our aging population. Our mission is to be a part of the solution to our elderly population’s unmet needs, and what better way than for me to visit you!

John Mesisca

Physical Therapy Specialist

Licensed Physical Therapist



Physical Therapist Concierge

Mesisca Physical Therapy

Providing therapy solutions in the comfort of your home

The exceptional therapists at Mesisca offer in-home therapy helping elderly patients to achieve or maintain high levels of physical health as they age by focusing personalized therapy treatment plans to address post-op needs, arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint pain.  We evaluate each patient and design a custom activity and exercise plan that will allow the patient to remain as physically fit and active as possible. Once the activity plan has been developed, the therapist works one on one with each client and adjusts the plan as progress is made. We are proud to offer a team of therapists that has a minimum of 10 years of experience serving the geriatric population.

Amy Goodshaw

Senior Activities Specialist

State Certified Senior Activities Leader


Senior Activities Concierge

Legacy In-Home Senior Activities

Bringing joy and enrichment the lives of Seniors

As a certified activity leader, I provide customized and hands on activity sessions that bring enjoyment and enrichment to my clients’ lives.  My in-home visits are individually crafted to allow the senior to maintain control and define their legacy; the two important developmental tasks seniors need to  focus on.  Through a variety of activities including music, reality awareness, games, sensory experiences, reminiscing, art/crafts, outdoors I help seniors share their stories and age with dignity.  Every visit is followed up with an email to the family that includes a note about the session and a picture.

I hold a degree in education and taught for 20+ years and most recently was Activity Director in a memory care unit.of a senior living community,  Additionally, I worked as a volunteer with seniors for 25 years.  Building relationships and bringing joy to the lives of seniors are the most rewarding parts of my work.