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Curt & Jan

We were so fortunate to have been referred to Sandy Thigpen and Personal Senior Advocates.  Our friend and 95 year old neighbor fell and broke his hip.  We contacted Sandy and she immediately responded.  She was invaluable in seeing that Bill’s needs were being met and knew all of the things that had to be monitored both in the hospital and in the rehab facility.  We and Bill are so grateful that Sandy was incredibly qualified to look after his medical care and complex family situation as it was obvious to us that she made his welfare the highest priority, resolving all issues and bringing peace of mind to us all.

Curt & JanPSA Client

Sandy Thigpen introduced me to the role of a “patient advocate.”  Prior to her I had no knowledge of this growing profession.  As a physical therapist involved in the care of one of Sandy’s clients, I learned so very much from her extensive knowledge base.  In 25 years of practice, I’ve not met a more caring, dedicated, thorough professional such as Sandy.  She is truly one of a kind! Sandy views her client as a whole.  She is very skilled at managing the challenges and intricacies a client faces as they age.  I look forward to working with Sandy in the future.  She is a rare find in today’s healthcare industry.

GeetaHealthcare Professional
Gene and Vicki

Sandy, it was such a blessing to have found you.  We didn’t know if anyone could help us. We worked for weeks, to no avail, to have my sister relocated from a hospital up north to a long term facility here, in O.C. Thank you for your diligence in finding a great facility, a mile from our home.

My sister was settled into her new home just five days after we contacted Sandy.  Even the discharge planners up north were amazed with the work you did. We have recommended your services very highly.

Gene and Vicki PSA Customer
Betsy and Lance

Because both my sister and I live more than 6 hours from our parents, we needed the services that Sandy provided.  When various hospitalizations were necessary for both,  Sandy was there to advocate for their needs with hospital staff and later with the staff at skilled nursing facilities. When they returned to their home, we realized we needed Sandy’s assistance to manage the different providers coming to my parents home.

As their relationship grew my parents confided in Sandy.   She worked closely with my mother to address concerns in several areas with tact and respect.   This provided desperately needed peace of mind that allowed my mother focus on her health.

Sandy is a “solutions” kind of person.  She has a gentle but persistent way about her that allows her to be results oriented and not compromise the integrity of the relationship.  Her observant, compassionate advocacy has been a life-saver for all of us.

Betsy and LancePSA Customer

I am so thankful I retained the services of Personal Senior Advocates to help manage my sister’s care.  I was very concerned about the lack of care she was receiving and I couldn’t be there for her.  I live out of state and found myself trying to manage a situation I knew nothing about.  My sister is a proud woman and it was difficult for her to share information and accept my offer to help. Hoping she would accept the help of an advocate, I reached out to PSA for assistance.  Sandy was at the facility that afternoon to meet with my sister and the staff.  I received a call from my sister and she thanked me for the first time in many years.  Sandy had quickly gained her confidence, was able to sort, prioritize, and manage the critical pieces of the puzzle keeping me informed, allowing us to make the difficult decisions that were necessary.  Together, we feel having Sandy in place, was priceless.

JuliePSA Customer

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Did you know

Bet you didn’t know that having great insurance can actually be dangerous.

Drug resistant infections acquired during a hospital stay have increased 230% since 2001.

Privately paid caregivers that provide care in your home are not legally allowed to assist you with your medications.

Legally a facility doctor in a Nursing Home only has to see a patient once every 30 days unless the nurse notes in your chart that an issue requires the doctor’s attention.

Without an Health Care Directive, if you are unable to speak for yourself, the medical facility will make ALL treatment decisions for you.

Seniors can be stuck with large medical bills when the hospital doesn’t Admit them. Admission vs. Observation?

Why would anyone need to leave a nursing home to go to a doctor’s appointment?

Unscrupulous medical billing practices will often reflect a “balance due” on a bill when the insurance company has already been billed.

The ratio of patient to staff in a medical facility is not regulated.

A new patient has their belongings logged by the staff. The same staff reconciles the list. See The Potential Problem?

28% of hospitalizations of Seniors are caused by medication errors.

Premature discharges lead to 40% of post-op complications occurring at home.

When an elderly person has urinary tract infection, it is common for them to have “dementia like” symptoms.

Discharge planning begins when you arrive at the hospital, and you should be included in the planning process.

You have guaranteed rights as a patient? Do you know what they are?

Why do they take photos of your body when you’re admitted to a nursing home/rehab facility?

When Seniors are discharged from a hospital, they are told they are going to “Rehab”. No one tells them that this really means they are going to a Nursing Home.

When you are in the hospital, you may request that routine lab work be done during your waking hours, not the middle of the night.

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