It’s Not If It’S When

Be Prepared for a Hospitalization

In any hospitalization, whether it is  scheduled of not, you need to have all of your healthcare information available upon admission.  This is especially critical for an emergency admission.  The first few hours in the Emergency Room are critical. If you have an aging parent, this call will come.  BE PREPARED BEFORE THE CALL to ensure valuable time is not wasted gathering information.  Call or Email our office today to set-up a detailed Client Profile.

With a Client Profile in place, we respond and arrive at the the designated facility prepared with the critical information needed for the treating medical team to most effectively and safely treat your parent.  You can rest assured that valuable time is not wasted and that PSA will keep you and your family informed every step of the way.


PSA will gather all of your important healthcare information such as a copy of your insurance cards, physician contact information, medical history, medication lists, emergency contact info, etc.  We also address the importance of having and Advance Health Care Directive.

The cost for the initial profile is $ 349.00.  That includes any updates through out the year.  After the first year, there is an annual fee of $99.00 to maintain the profile and keep your profile up to date.

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